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Historical Preservation Committee (HPC) – Standards and Guidelines

The HPC of the City of Cape May, NJ, is a body originally established in the 1960s by the City and operates under the authority of the Municipal Land Use Law of the State of New Jersey. The task of the HPC is to maintain the important heritage of the City’s historic built environment and support the continuation of Cape May’s extraordinary federal designation of the city as a National Historic Landmark. Landmark designation serves the overall welfare of the City’s citizens and visitors as an important source of tourism, grant funds, civic pride, and recognition of Cape May’s dedication to preservation.

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Cape May County

Civil War Roundtable

This is the official site of the Cape May County Civil War Roundtable. It is maintained by the organization to create an online resource for current members and to encourage new members to join.

The Civil War Roundtable of Cape May County (

Cape May County Museum

The Cape May County Genealogical Library offers extensive information on our county’s rich past as well as the people who forged its history. Many local families today can trace their ancestors' roots deep in our sand. With the second largest population of Mayflower descendants in the nation, Cape May County’s family lines reach back to the earliest founders. In addition to the genealogy records, their library and archives offers an unparalleled depth of information about the history of Cape May County. Family files, maps, journals and press clippings are all available to bring your search alive. Not sure where to begin? Have a specific question? Their staff is available to assist you in your search.

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In 2026, New Jersey, like much of the U.S., will commemorate the 250th Anniversary of the American Revolution through events, programs, and ceremonies. Revolution NJ is New Jersey’s official organization charged with planning and promoting our state’s commemoration. This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity for New Jersey to highlight its unique Revolutionary significance, the diverse stories of the people who lived at that time, and the lasting impact of our nation’s complex history.

250th Celebration in New Jersey –Crossroads of the American Revolution

New Jersey saw nearly 600 battles and skirmishes, which involved both soldier and citizen in a daily struggle to survive. Crossroads is dedicated to connecting the people and places of New Jersey’s rich Revolutionary heritage to inspire community pride, stewardship, and civic engagement. Meet Our Heritage Partners - Crossroads of the American Revolution (

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