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The Colonial House on the MAC Candlelight tour.

A colonial House always had a wreath on the front door. It remained there until the end of the Twelve Days of Christmas. It is unlikely that there would have been fresh fruit on the wreath. The primary decorations, as we reflect in the Colonial House Museum, were the natural materials available. Those materials were evergreens, laurel, magnolia leaves, berry, holly. Greens brought inside added a pleasant fragrance during the Christmas season. The Greater Cape May Historical Society, in decoration the Colonial House, maintains these traditions. If you are taking the tour, the Colonial House Museum is "colonial" hence, a small structure. Some people have trouble finding the Colonial House Museum at 653 1/2 Washington Street. It is tiny, not visible from the sidewalk and located directly behind The Blue Rose Inn, 653 Washington Street (City Hall is on your left). Face The Blue Rose Inn, and walk around the right along the parking lot. For more information and tickets, go to

Program- World War I Memorial Inventory Project for Cape May City and surrounding areas of West Cape May, Cape May Point, Wildwoods and Lower Township.

In the aftermath of World War I, Americans erected thousands of memorials throughout the country to commemorate US participation. Many were the work of the leading sculptors, artists, and architects of the day; others, such as simple honor rolls, were more modest but no less heartfelt. Sadly, as we approach the war's centennial, these memorials and their original purpose - to honor in perpetuity the more than four million Americans who served in the war and the more than 116,000 who died - have largely been forgotten. Many of the memorials have fallen into disrepair through neglect, theft, or vandalism.

The World War I Memorial Inventory Project is a volunteer-based effort to assemble a comprehensive, online record of World War I memorials and monuments in the United States. Its mission is to promote the documentation, preservation, appreciation, and interpretation of these memorials, and in so doing, to raise the profile of World War I in American public consciousness.

If you know of a World War I memorial in your neighborhood listed above, please contact us at: We will be more than pleased to take care of details for adding it to the inventory.

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ADA Information:

The Colonial House, built circa 1730, is located at 653 1/2 Washington Street adjacent to a public city parking lot which has handicapped parking available.

Access to House

The Colonial House has slate sidewalk a short distance to a porch with two low, wide steps. The house has a wheelchair accessible door, however, once in the house, no further access can be made for a wheelchair due to the historic architecture of the house. The bathroom in the house is not handicapped accessible; however, there are public restrooms with handicapped accessible facilities in close proximity. The garden and grass areas of the house can be uneven at times. It is highly recommended that a person remain on the sidewalk area to view the house.

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